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Empowering Detroit's Youth and Families: A Model of Integrated Services

Empowering Detroit's Youth and Families: A Model of Integrated Services

Detroit is a city with a rich cultural history, but it has also been plagued by gang violence and other social issues. In 1997, Angela Reyes founded the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation (DHDC) from her living room because she “was tired of burying children.” Since then, DHDC has grown to become a nationally recognized model of integrated services focused on youth and families, including gang prevention and intervention, drop-out prevention, training in entrepreneurial skills and multimedia arts, support services for individuals transitioning out of prison, such as case management, job readiness and placement, and tattoo removal, substance abuse, youth and family counseling, HIV counseling and testing, adult education classes, and training in technology.

Reyes is the founder and executive director of the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation, a non-profit community-based organization serving the Southwest Detroit community for over 20 years. Under her leadership, DHDC has provided quality, innovative, and culturally appropriate services to over 5,000 youth and adults annually. Reyes’ vision is to create a stable and safe community where youth and families have opportunities for self-empowerment, education, and personal wealth.

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